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As is so often the case with these things, it is all Patrick Rothfuss’s fault. After the massive success of Albino Dragon’s “Name of the Wind” playing cards back in 2013 introduced me to him, I became a big fan of Pat’s books and his work in general. (Look him up, it’ll be worth it.) Following on from the NOTW deck, one of artist Shane Tyree’s next projects was to illustrate two further decks of playing cards for a new game called “Pairs” being launched on Kickstarter by a company called Cheapass Games. I didn’t know it at the time, but Cheapass and their designer-in-chief James Ernest are something of a legend in tabletop gaming circles, having designed and published many, MANY games since 1996. My connection was simply that an artist I knew was creating new art based on a book I now loved.

_MG_4710_MG_4710 _MG_4714_MG_4714

The Kickstarter project grew and grew and in the end led to no fewer than TWELVE different variant decks of the game. These included another NOTW deck illustrated by longtime Rothfuss collaborator Nate Taylor, and a further Nate Taylor deck based on the not-for-kids kids books “The Princess and Mr Whiffle” written by Pat.

_MG_4745_MG_4745 _MG_4749_MG_4749


Other collaborators included John Kovalic, Phil and Kaja Foglio, Echo Chernik and some chap called Professor Elemental. (The Professor Elemental connection was especially amusing since I had actually worked with his alter-ego Paul Alborough in the “real world” for a number of years. It’s odd having the distant world of games design in America suddenly connecting with my actual life in Sussex, England!)


_MG_4678_MG_4678 _MG_4683_MG_4683

_MG_4696_MG_4696 _MG_4706_MG_4706

_MG_4800_MG_4800 _MG_4813_MG_4813 _MG_4819_MG_4819 _MG_4820_MG_4820 _MG_4823_MG_4823

_MG_4779_MG_4779 _MG_4787_MG_4787

So many of these connections have led to other fun projects and fandoms and I became a firm fan of Cheapass Games. I’ve been fortunate to correspond on occasion with James Ernest himself, as well as Carol Monahan, VP of CAG (and James’s wife) and also Cassidy Werner, Marketing Director. They’ve all always been both super lovely and super indulgent of my tendency to say “look I taked a picture do you like it? Do you? Do you?” like an attention seeking toddler. (Which I am, of course, going to do all over again as soon as I hit “Publish” on this blog…)

A secret bonus (for me at least) hidden away inside the “Commonwealth” Pairs deck is that Shane hid away my family name on the “Death” card’s artwork. He and I, and some of our other online friends, were on a video conference while he was drawing it and he kindly tucked it away in the background. I’m even happier that the same card features the “Wheel of Tehlu” which is the item from Badali Jewelery’s Kingkiller range that I wear most frequently.




As well as a signed postcard featuring Shane’s art, the Pairs project also included a signed bookplate from Pat himself too and a great collector’s coin that became the start of an ongoing collection.

_MG_4727_MG_4727 _MG_4736_MG_4736 _MG_4739_MG_4739

_MG_4825_MG_4825 _MG_4830_MG_4830 _MG_4832_MG_4832

The next Cheapass Games project furthered the Professor Elemental connection (and James himself even came over to London to film the video. I still regret not being able to meet him in person at the time after his kind invitation to do so.) It was fun to see Paul Alborough’s developing fame lead to his character getting his own tabletop game! (Plus it’s still amusing telling some of his former colleagues in the education sector that he not only now has his own card game, but his face on a coin and on some dice, then seeing their reactions.) The game consists of attempts to tell tall tales of far-flung adventures at a Victorian club, whilst not having actually left the country at all!


_MG_4977_MG_4977 _MG_4961_MG_4961

The Kickstarter version also included a set of fun “character Meeples” as an upgrade to the standard playing pawns, featuring the Professor, his monkey-butler Geoffrey and other characters.


Everyone loves zombies these days, although my work in the scare attractions industry may bias me in that respect. This means that “Lord of the Fries” – a game featuring zombies in a fast food restaurant – is just right and brings a great blend of comedy and fun. It joins up with other games in the same “world” – the fast-food restaurant of the damned!

_MG_4904_MG_4904 _MG_5031_MG_5031


Another game in the same vein – “Give Me The Brain” even came with a fun rubber “brain.” What’s not to love about that sort of attention to detail.

_MG_4986_MG_4986 _MG_4997_MG_4997 _MG_5002_MG_5002 _MG_5004_MG_5004 _MG_5008_MG_5008

The card game “Brawl” has a fun, fast “real-time” approach and had all the trademark CAG flourishes, including a great embroidered patch as well as another awesome coin.

_MG_5041_MG_5041 _MG_5047_MG_5047 _MG_5052_MG_5052 _MG_5057_MG_5057 _MG_5062_MG_5062

Then comes the game that started it all. “Kill Doctor Lucky” was the first Cheapass Games product back in 1996. I’ve seen the game described as “reverse Cluedo” – instead of solving the murder while wandering around the mansion, you want to COMMIT the murder. Unfortunately Doctor Lucky is just so damn LUCKY that he evades your attacks without even realising it! Second to Tak (see below) this remains my favourite Cheapass game to play and to share with new players.

_MG_5112_MG_5112 _MG_5105_MG_5105

_MG_5115_MG_5115 _MG_5118_MG_5118 _MG_5124_MG_5124 _MG_5126_MG_5126 _MG_5131_MG_5131

The bundle with “Kill Doctor Lucky” also included some older games, packaged not in the deluxe or “superdeluxe” style of other games, but in more old-school plastic bags. The gameplay is none the less for it, though. You don’t usually play the box! (Although a current game project from Gamelyn Games challenges that somewhat.) The card-based Doctor Lucky game “Get Lucky” further adds to the world of James Ernest’s most famous character.

_MG_4857_MG_4857 _MG_4871_MG_4871 _MG_4881_MG_4881 _MG_4890_MG_4890


_MG_4850_MG_4850 _MG_4853_MG_4853

Along the way I have also picked up other games including “Before I Kill You, Mister Spy...” and the earliest Kickstarter-funded deluxe edition, “Unexploded Cow” plus more custom dice and a coin to match.

_MG_5037_MG_5037 _MG_4905_MG_4905 _MG_4917_MG_4917 _MG_4921_MG_4921

Doctor Lucky’s adventures have recently continued with “The Island of Doctor Lucky” plus the Doctor has many faces – as you can see here!


_MG_5158_MG_5158 _MG_5137_MG_5137

_MG_5172_MG_5172 _MG_5176_MG_5176

That Professor Elemental turns up everywhere!


Another classic Cheapass Game given a recent Kickstarter makeover is “Button Men.” In the divided-by-a-single-language, faucet/tap, sidewalk/pavement, boot/trunk world of American English, a button is what we in England would call a badge. A “button man” is also a hired killer or gangster, so the game – originally designed to be played with characters printed on actual button/badges, is a clever play on this. Not as clever, though, as the sheep-based character “Mutton Ben” included as a bonus with the original run of the game. The game comes with playing cards, but several sets of badges were also made available.

_MG_5085_MG_5085 _MG_5093_MG_5093 _MG_5096_MG_5096

Most recently, the Girl Genius comic strip, as created by Phil and Kaja Foglio, has been the focus of a revival of an older game called “The Works.” New decks of cards, with new art, have been created, along with another great smattering of accessories including an embroidered patch and appropriately cog-shaped collector’s coin.

_MG_5066_MG_5066 _MG_5067_MG_5067 _MG_5072_MG_5072 _MG_5075_MG_5075 _MG_5077_MG_5077

The major Cheapass Games Kickstarter projects have tended to ship with a “Funvelope” of fun accessory items. This started off as a quite modest envelope but has grown over time to the point where it is now more of a bubble-pack of fun stuff! It’s this sort of added fun, alongside well delivered and enjoyable games, that makes their projects memorable and stand out from the crowd.

_MG_5246_MG_5246 _MG_5248_MG_5248 _MG_5250_MG_5250   _MG_5253_MG_5253 _MG_5259_MG_5259 _MG_5265_MG_5265

Who doesn't also love custom dice and collector's coins!




It’s also fun to be able to get hold of games-in-development, such as this beta test version of “Rochi” a game set in the world of Sonia Lyris’s book The Stranger.


I’ve saved my favourite until last. The game of “Tak” stems from Patrick Rothfuss’s book “The Wise Man’s Fear.” It’s one of my favourite books and the game is vaguely described within it’s pages as the lead character, Kvothe, plays it whilst a guest/prisoner (depending on the timeframe) in a royal court. The description makes it sound like one of the timeless classic games like Chess or Draughts, so the idea of bringing it to life was a brave one. Indeed, Pat Rothfuss himself says in his introduction to the Tak Companion Book “while James was great, I figured that nobody could just sit down and make up a game on a par with chess or go.”


It turns out, however, that James Ernest is NOT nobody. He came up with a simple, elegant game that is quick to learn and hard to master. I’ve enjoyed playing it with friends and with children. It’s also a delight to see a company that is prepared to say “here’s the rules and ingredients you need to make our game yourself without giving us any money – or if you like you can buy ours” BEFORE they’ve even brought their version to market, and to continue to do so once the official version is available. Before the Kickstarter project was even live you could download the rules and a gameboard to make your own Tak set at home. (There are SO MANY free games on the CAG website, you should have a look. They also have a donations button if you find you’re loving the games and want to say thanks.)

Having fun with Tak, and taking my own photos of the game staged as if it was being played in the Eolian tavern (a key location in the Kingkiller books) really made me feel a connection to the game and to the story, and in a real sense brought me closer to Pat’s world and to the people who make it happen, since his team at Elodin Enterprises and Worldbuilders saw my photos and liked them and even asked to use some of them for their own promotions. (I couldn’t ask for a higher endorsement than that!)

I’ve taken a lot of photos of a variety of Tak items in the past, and it’s going to get a whole blog dedicated to it in the future, so for now here’s some shots of the awesome companion coin, including the promo-only gold version that Cassidy was kind enough to send me.

Stay tuned to the Cheapass website and social media too, as James is putting together "Cheapass Games in black and white" a retrospective book that's coming soon and that I can't wait to read!

_MG_5202_MG_5202 _MG_5210_MG_5210

_MG_5199_MG_5199 _MG_5200_MG_5200



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