Digital Files

You can buy digital files of my photos by contacting me directly! Read on for details...

There is increasing demand for making my photos available digitally, either for use on social media, for acting websites such as Spotlight and Casting Call Pro, for use at home in digital photo frames and tablets and also to create your own printed items that I do not offer for sale myself. (Such as canvas prints, phone cases or acrylic prints.)

As you will see from my watermark, I do NOT allow copying of the photos from this website. I do however offer digital files for sale, but not through this website. Instead if you contact me directly either via the Contact page of this website or by email to stephen (at) I can arrange them for you. You can then pay me directly by either PayPal or bank transfer.

I offer three different file sizes for different purposes. They are as follows:


1) 800 pixels width, for social media use only. This file has a small watermark at the bottom and is not suitable for creating prints. It is solely for sharing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or similar and costs £3 per photo.

(You can see an example of this kind of watermarked image at the bottom of this page.)

2) 1600 pixels width, no watermark. This is suitable for creating your own prints up to A5 in size and includes permission for personal use (but not resale or publication, other than for your own publicity.) This costs £5 per photo.

3) Full size file, no watermark. This is suitable for creating prints or other items in any size. This costs £10 per photo.

All prices are per photo. The two larger sizes also include complimentary social media size files as I do not permit unwatermarked files on social media. The £5 & £10 sizes DO however include permission for use on professional websites such as Spotlight/Casting Call Pro and promotional websites.

I offer a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more files and 20% off orders of 20 or more. This applies solely to digital files and not prints.

The two larger files include permission for creating your own prints for your own personal use. They do NOT include any rights for publication of the photos or for redistribution or reselling of the digital file. (The exception to this being publication on your own websites or actor casting websites as mentioned above.) They also do NOT include any rights for publication in media of any kind. (Local/national press, trade magazines, other publications.) If you DO want to use a photo in any printed media I am usually very happy to grant permission but ask that you contact me with details first so I can make an informed decision and give you proper written permission where appropriate.

To order, please contact me with the file number(s) that you wish to order and the size you would like. An example of a file number is MG_1234. Please also let me know which album(s) they are from.

If you have any questions or special requests about digital files please do contact me directly to discuss them.


Below is an example of an image with the "social media" watermark, available as Option 1 as above.

Ariel's Oliver! from 2015Social Media WatermarkExample of my social media watermark on a photo.